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Spiritual Exploration

Every month, FSCA offers several opportunities for the members and general public to further explore and deepen their spiritual experience. Lead by spiritually skilled members of the Church, opportunities include:

Healing Classes

In our healing class, participants learn how to balance chakras, clear auras, recognize spirit helpers, relax through meditation and breathing exercises, and much, much more. A four-week hands-on practicum gives healers opportunity to hone their healing skills in a safe, supportive environment. Participants both heal and receive healings during the practicum.  

There are no prerequisites for this course other than a desire to learn how to help yourself and others.  At this time there are no scheduled classes but check back with us in a few months. 

 We also offer a self-paced, healing correspondence course through the Morris Pratt Institute.  You can visit Morris Pratt at:


4200 Avenue D, Austin, TX 78751  |  512-458-3987
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