Our Service

Each Sunday morning, our service consists of a lecture presented by a church member or guest speaker, a healing meditation that includes individual healings, and messages from Spirit that are offered to individuals in the congregation by church mediums. We also recite the Declaration of Principles and strive to apply them to our lives.
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About Us

Spiritualism is a science, philosophy, and religion celebrating the continuation of life after death, the affirmation of life, and the deep exploration of one’s own spiritual development. As Spiritualists, we communicate with spirits from a higher realm through the skills of mediumship and healing. We recognize that spirits actively participate as guides and teachers to help us discover the depths of our own spirituality.
Spiritual Healing is also a key element of our belief system. A spiritual healer is able to act as a conduit, directing curative energy to a participant’s spiritual, mental, emotional, or bodily condition that requires healing.
Spiritualists believe everyone is able to contact Spirit and practice mediumship and spiritual healing with proper training. Our church supports those interested in becoming a medium or healer with classes and active participation.
As a community of light, we faithfully serve Spirit and each other with love, respect, and gratitude.
The First Spiritualist Church of Austin is part of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, incorporated as a religion in District of Columbia in the year of 1893.
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