Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an integral part of our religion. Services include a healing meditation and the opportunity for individuals to receive one-on-one healing. Each month on Third Saturday, we offer extensive private healings at the church from 10:30 am - 2:00 pm. FSCA also provides training classes for those who want to learn how to heal.
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Spiritual Healing

A type of mediumship, spiritual healing entails a practitioner inviting God’s healing energy to stream through him/her. The practitioner, or spiritual healer, becomes a conduit for the energy that flows into the body of the recipient, healing the malady.
Taking the holistic approach, the spiritual healer focuses on the recipient’s spirit, mind, emotions, and body. This happens in one of the following ways:
·        Benevolent spirit(s) work through the healer to send curative energies into the recipient’s affected problem area(s).
·        Benevolent spirit(s) informs the healer of the cause, nature, and/or location of the recipient’s illness. Curative energy then flows into the recipient.
·        Benevolent spirit(s) combine their healing energies with the healer’s love and intention, and together they send healing energy to the recipient in a separate location. This is called distant healing.

Each Sunday, we include this powerful practice and
prayer in our church service.
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